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Home > Guitar Effects Pedals > Guitar Effects By Manufacturer > Pigtronix Guitar Effects Pedals > Pigtronix ASDR Attack Sustain Pedal
Product Categories: Pigtronix Guitar Effects Pedals 

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Pigtronix ASDR Attack Sustain Pedal

Pigtronix ASDR Attack Sustain Pedal
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    Quantity in Cart: None
    Code: Pigtronix-ASDR-Attack-Sustain-Compressor-Pedal
    Price: $279.00

    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available!

    Shipping: This Item Qualifies For Free Shipping on orders over $99!

    Pigtronix ASDR Attack Sustain Compressor Pedal

    The Pigtronix ASDR Attack Sustain compressor pedal is a polyphonic amplitude synth with high speed optical compression, infinite sustain, harmonic distortion, volume swells, tape reverse emulation and intelligent tremolo.

    View the Pigtronix ASDR Attack Sustain Pedal Manual
    Hear the Pigtronix ASDR Sound Samples

    The Pigtronix ASDR Attack Sustain Pedal is a far reaching evolution of the sought after, Electro Harmonix Attack Decay. For lovers of the Boss Slow Gear, Ebow and/or Fernandes Sustainer pickup, this is the ultimate pedal. In keeping with the tradition of the Attack Decay, Pigtronix included a twist on the “Harmonics” control, which adds a layer of sweet distortion, as well as a HIGH-BOOST switch that adds clarity, presence and natural overtones.
    The Attack Sustain is an interactive pedal that relies on the player’s touch to determine when the attack and / or decay cycle will begin.
    Designed in conjunction with effects guru Howard “Mick” Davis, the Pigtronix ASDR Attack Sustain is a 100% analog design compressor pedal that can mimic bowed string, horn and synthesizer textures without altering the essential “tone” of your instrument.

    The Pigtronix Attack Sustain pedal features a unique compression and sustain architecture with synthesizer style amplitude shaping capabilities. When the Attack and Decay functions are switched off, the pedal provides punchy yet smooth compression that allows your instrument to sustain as long as you could want.

    The Attack and Decay functions have a wide range of swell and fade times enabling a palette of effects that range from cello and trumpet to tape reverse and toy piano. With short attack and decay settings, the auto reset allows you to create pulsating tremolo and staccato stutter effects.

    The BLEND control allows you to mix in a clean sound for super transparent compression when combined with the Sustainer mode and for undulating volume swells when using the ATTACK and DECAY functions. The VOLUME control allows you to boost the effect’s signal level significantly above unity gain, even with guitars that use hot active pickups.

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