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Wampler Black '65 Overdrive  $199.97  Wampler Black '65 Overdrive  
Meyer B2A Processor  $550.00   Meyer B2A Subwoofer Processor The Meyer B2A
Wampler Talent Booster  $189.00  Wampler Talent Booster The Talent Booster,
Rockett Lemon Aid  $189.00  Rockett Pedals Lemon Aid The Rockett Lemon
Rockett 10 Ton Hammer Distortion  $189.00  Rockett 10 Ton hammer The Rockett 10 Tone Hamme
Rockett Animal Overdrive  $189.00  Rockett Animal Overdrive Pedal The Rockett Animal Ov
Rockett Chicken Soup Overdrive  $189.00  Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive The Rockett Pe
Rockett Blue Note Overdrive  $189.00  Rockett Blue Note Overdrive Pedal The Rockett Blue N
Rockett Flex Drive  $189.00  Rockett Flex Drive Distortion The Flex Drive
Rockett Josh Smith Dual Trem  $219.00  Josh Smith Dual Trem By Rockett Pedals The Josh Smit
Bogner Barcelona Combo Amp  $1,699.00  Bogner Barcelona 1 X 12" Combo Amp The
Valvetrain Bennington Reverb 1X12" Combo  $1,599.00  Bennington Reverb 20W 1X12" Combo The Valvetrai
Valvetrain Lexington Reverb 1X10" Combo  $999.00  Valvetrain Lexington Reverb 1X10" 6W Combo Guitar Amplifier
Valvetrain Spring Thing Tube Reverb  $899.00  Valvetrain Spring Thing Tube Reverb The Valvetrain&n
Wampler Paisley Drive  $219.97  Wampler Paisley Drive The Wampler Paisley Drive Peda
LSL Carl Verheyen CV Special Saticoy Stratocaster  $2,649.00  LSL Carl Verheyen Signature Series Saticoy Strat "Carlota"
Goodrich Model 7A Matchbox  $214.99  Goodrich Model 7A Super Sustain Matchbox The Mo
Tech 21 Roto Choir  $219.00  Tech 21 Roto Choir
Tech 21 Boost Chorus  $189.00  Tech 21 Boost Chorus The Tech 21 Bo
LSL Saticoy Stratocaster  $2,395.00  LSL Saticoy Stratocaster "Ronetta" The LSL Saticoy
LSL T-Bone Telecaster  $2,145.00  LSL T-Bone Telecaster "Meg" The LSL&n
65 Amps London Pro Head  $1,850.00  65 London Pro Head 65 Amps London Pro
65 Amps 2 X 12 Red Line Cabinet  $649.00  65 Amps Red Line 2 X 12 Speaker Cabinet The 65 Amps
Carl Martin Octa Switch II  $399.00  Carl Martin Octa-Switch II
Peterson StroboStomp Classic Tuner  $189.00  Peterson Stomp Classic Virtual Strobe Tuner The St
Janglebox 2 Byrds LE  $299.95  Janglebox 2 Limited Edition tribute to 
65 Amps Tupelo  $1,950.00  65Amps Tupelo Head The Tupelo is a breakthr
65 Amps 2 X 12" Cabinet  $979.00  65Amps 2x12 Extension Cabinet The 65 Amps 2 X
Groove Tubes GT-12AX7-R Gold  $17.99  Groove Tubes 12AX7-R The Groove Tube 12AX7-R is the Rus
Wampler Leviathan Fuzz  $199.97  Wampler Leviathan Fuzz The Leviathan Fuzz pedal is a result
Gallien Krueger 800RB Bass Head  $799.00  GK-800RB 300W + 100W Bi-Amp Bass Head
GK-1001-RB-II  $749.00  Gallien Krueger 1001-RB-II 700W + 50W Biamp Bass Amp Head
GT-12AT7 Groove Tubes  $17.99  Groove Tubes GT-12AT7 (Russian) The GT12AT7 is a very low no
MI Compressor  $219.95   MI Audio Compressor Pedal
Ernie Ball VP JR 6180 250K  $89.00  Ernie Ball VP JR 250K Volume Pedal The Ernie Ball VP JR
Wampler SLOstortion  $239.97  Wampler SLOstortion The Wampler SLOstortion Dis
Peterson SC-1 Stroboclip Tuner  $69.99  Peterson StroboClip SC-1 Clip On Tuner The Pe
EWS Tri-Logic Bass Preamp II  $152.00  EWS Tri-Logic Bass Preamp II The EWS Tri-Logic Bass
ADA Flanger Reissue  $259.95  ADA Flanger Reissue The new A/DA Reissue Flanger
ADA APP-1 Pedal Preamp  $349.95  ADA APP-1 Preamp The new ADA APP-1 Pedal Preamp
Lee Jackson DG-1 Metaltronix Distortion  $269.99  Lee Jackson DG-1
Mr. Springgy Reverb  $224.99  Mr. Springgy Reverb The Mr. Springgy Reverb Pedal
Active Gain/Booster Lee Jackson  $224.95  Active Gain Boost Pedal
Manifold Drive  $200.00  Resonant Electronic Design Manifold Drive
Graviton Boost  $165.00  Graviton Boost The Graviton Boost by Resonant Electr
Gallien Krueger MB210 Neo Bass Amp  $599.00  Gallien Krueger MB210 Bass Amp (NEO) The GK MB2
GK Neo410 Bass Cabinet  $599.00  Gallien Krueger Neo410 Bass Enclosure
GK Neo 115-III  $449.00  Gallien Krueger Neo115-III 15" Bass Enclosure The
Ruby Tubes 6L6GC-CZ (Matched Duet or Quartet)  $49.50  Ruby Tubes 6L6GC-CZ Power Tube The Ruby Tubes 6L6GC-CZ is a
BadCat Mini-II  $999.00  BadCat Mini II The BadCat Mini II is a
Ruby Tubes 12AX7ACZ High Grade  $17.99  Ruby 12AX7ACZ-HG The Ruby 12AX7ACZHG is a
Bad Cat Alley Cat  $1,299.00  Bad Cat Alley Cat 12" Combo Amplifier The Alley
Bad Cat The Leash Power Attenuator  $349.95  Bad Cat Leash Attenuator The Leash, ar
Ruby Tubes 12AX7ACZHG+ 12AX7/7025  $19.99  Ruby Tubes 12AX7ACZHG+ The Ruby 12AX7ACZHG+ is an ultra
3 Monkeys Sock Monkey Combo  $1,379.00  3 Monkeys Sock Monkey 1 X 10" Combo Amp The Soc
Bad Cat Cub XR  $2,759.00  Bad Cat Cub X-R Combo Amp The Cub X-R Amplifier
WGS Veteran 10" 20W  $41.00  WGS Veteran 10" The 20W 
Hilton Volume Pedal 24V Power Supply  $26.00  Hilton 24VDC Power Supply The Hilton Pedal
Fane AXA10 Alnico 10" guitar speaker  $319.00  Fane AXA-10 Alnico Guitar Speaker The Fane AXA10 offers big,
Fane AXA12 12" Alnico Guitar Speaker  $324.00  Fane AXA-12 Alnico Guitar Speaker The Fane AXA12 Speak
WGS G10A 75W 10" Speaker  $219.00  WGS G10A Alnico 10" Vintage Voiced Speaker Ware
WGS G10C  $65.00  WGS G10C 10" 75W American Vintage Voiced Speaker T
WGS G12A 12" Alnico Speaker  $225.00  WGS G12A 12" Alnico Speaker The G12A is a 12" 75W alnico speaker
WGS G12C  $76.00  WGS G12C The WGS G12C is a 12"  75W c
WGS G15A 15" 75W Alnico Guitar Speaker  $269.00  WGS G15A The 75W WGS G15A is a truly awesome 15
WGS G15C 75W 15" Speaker  $109.00  WGS G15C 75W The WGS G15C 75W 15" spe
WGS G12C/S 75W Guitar Speaker  $76.00  WGS G12C/S The WGS G12C/S 7
WGS G10C/S 10" 75W Guitar Speaker  $65.00   WGS G10C/S
WGS G8C 20W 8" Speaker  $39.00  WGS G8C The WGS G8C 20
1 Spot C35 35mm Plug Accessory  $2.99  Visual Sound 1 Spot C35 35mm Plug Accessory
1 Spot CBAT Battery Clip Accessory  $2.99  Visual Sound 1 Spot CBAT 9 Volt Battery Clip Adapter
1 Spot CL6 Digitech RP100 / Line 6 Converter  $2.99  Visual Sound 1 Spot AccessoriesCL6 Converter
1 Spot CYR Reverse Polarity Converter for Yamaha  $2.99  Visual Sound 1 Spot CYR Reverse Polarity Converter For Yamaha
1 Spot MC5 Multi-Plug Adapter  $8.99  Visual Sound 1 Spot Accessories MC5 Multi-Plug Adapter
Visual Sound 1 Spot 9 Volt Power Supply Adapter  $19.99  Visual Sound 1 Spot 9V Power Supply Adapter
100uF 100V Sprague Atom Electrolytic Capacitor (Axial)  $4.10  Sprague Atom 100uF 100V Electrolytic Capacitor Sprague Ato
16uF 475V Sprague Atom Electrolytic Capacitor (Axial)  $10.75  Sprague Atom 80uF 450V Electrolytic Capacitor The Sprague
20uF 500V Sprague Atom Electrolytic Capacitor (Axial)  $10.89  Sprague Atom 20uF 500V Electrolytic Capacitor Sprague 20uf
25uF 25V Sprague Atom Electrolytic Capacitor (Axial)  $3.15  Sprague Atom 25uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor Sprague Atom
30uF 500V Sprague Atom Electrolytic Capacitor (Axial)  $11.15  Sprague Atom 30uF 500V Electrolytic Capacitor The Sprague
80uF 450V Sprague Atom Electrolytic Capacitor (Axial)  $11.49  Sprague Atom 80uF 450V Electrolytic Capacitor The Sprague Atom 8
Audix D1 Mic (Demo)  $100.00  Slightly Used Audix D-1 A favorite among audio professionals seekin
Avalon AS201 Acoustic Guitar  $469.00  Avalon AS201 Acoustic Guitar The
Avalon AS201CE Acoustic Electric Guitar  $499.00  Avalon AS201CE Acoustic Guitar The
Barber Burn Unit Eq Overdrive Pedal  $169.95  The Barber Burn Unit EQ Pedal The Burn Unit EQ dual overdrive / di
Barber Direct Drive Overdrive Pedal  $129.95  The Barber Direct Drive Overdrive Pedal Th
Barber Launch Pad Clean Boost Pedal  $139.95  The Barber Launch Pad Boost Pedal This Clean boost,
Barber LTD (STD) Overdrive Pedal  $119.95  The Barber L.T.D. The Barber LTD low gain ov
Barber Small Fry Pedal  $149.95  Barber Electronics Small Fry Overdrive Pedal Barber Electronics S
Barber Tone Press Compressor  $159.95  Barber Tone Press Parallel Compressor Pedal New Updated Tone Pre
Barber Tone Pump Eq Pedal  $224.95  The Barber Tone Pump Eq Pedal Barber Electronics has introduce
Boneyard  $129.99  The Radial Tonebone Boneyard Finally – a pedalboard done right!
BSM Fuzz Bender  $289.00  The BSM Fuzzbender Fuzz Pedal The BSM RM FuzzBender Fuzz Ped
Carl Martin 3 Band Parametric Preamp Eq  $257.60  The Carl Martin 3-Band Parametric Pre-Amp Eq Carl Martin 3 Band Param
Carl Martin Bass Chorus  $322.00  The Carl Martin Bass Chorus The Bass Chorus i
Carl Martin Big John 9V DC Power Supply  $161.70  The Carl Martin Big John 9V DC Power Supply Carl Martin Big John is a

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