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ModTone Power Plant Power Supply  $189.95  ModTone Power Plant Variable Voltage Power Supply The ModTone
ModTone Deep Dive Octave Pedal  $129.95  ModTone Deep Dive Octave Pedal The ModTone MT-DD Deep Dive Octave
ModTone Funk Filter Envelope Pedal  $129.95  ModTone Funk Filter Pedal The ModTone MT-FF Funk Envelope Fil
ModTone Clean Boost Pedal  $99.95  ModTone Clean Boost Pedal The ModTone MT-
ModTone MT-PB8 Powered Pedalboard  $99.95  ModTone Powered Pedalboard The ModTone
D.C. Developments Overdrive Special  $320.00  Overdrive Special by D.C. Developments The D.C. Developments 
DC Developments 1st Fuzz Pedal  $225.00  DC Developments 1st FuzzThe DC Developments Denis Cornell 1st Fuzz
DC Developments TM Boost Pedal  $270.00  DC Developments TM Boost Pedal The Cornell-TM Boost pedal is a d
Fulltone Catalyst  $152.15  Fulltone Catalyst Fuzz / Distortion/Booster/Overdrive Pedal CT-1
Fulltone FatBoost 3 FB-3 Pedal  $126.65  Fulltone FatBoost III Clean Boost Pedal FB-3 The F
Hilton Standard Volume Pedal  $269.00  Hilton Electronics Standard Volume Pedal The Hilton
Hilton Low Profile Volume Pedal  $289.00  Hilton Electronics Low Profile Volume Pedal The Hil
Hilton Pedal Bracket Attachment-Universal  $28.00  Hilton Universal Pedal mount Bracket Hilton Universal Pedal Mount Attachme
Hilton Emmons Style Pedal Mount Bracket  $36.00  Hilton Electronics Emmons Pedal Mount Bracket Hilton Emmons sty
Xotic Andy Timmons BB Preamp  $168.00  Xotic BB Preamp AT Signature Model The BB Prea
Barber LTD With Mod PCB  $169.95  Barber LTD with MOD PCB Added The The Barber LTD with
Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Compressor  $169.00  Philosophers Tone Compressor Sustainer Pedal The Pigtronix Philo
Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb  $118.99  EH Holy Grail Reverb Pedal The Electro Harmonix Holy Grail is a compact
Eventide TimeFactor Delay Pedal  $399.00  Eventide Time Factor Delay The Eventide TimeFactor
Eventide ModFactor  $399.00  "" target=_blank Eventide Modfactor&
Eventide PitchFactor Harmonizer  $499.00  Eventide Pitchfactor Harmonizer Pedal The Eventide Pitchfacto
Janglebox 2 JB2 Compressor  $280.00  Janglebox 2 Compressor Pedal The Janglebox 2 JB
Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah Pedal  $279.00  Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah Pedal
Wampler Pinnacle Distortion  $199.97  Wampler Pinnacle Overdrive - Distortion Pedal
Wampler Ecstasy Overdrive  $199.97  Wampler Ecstasy Overdrive Pedal
Wampler Cranked AC  $199.00  
Wampler Faux Analog Echo Delay  $199.97  Wampler Analog Echo Pedal The
Wampler Ego Compressor  $199.97  Wampler Ego Compressor
Wampler Plextortion Distortion  $199.97  Wampler Plextortion Distortion Pedal
Wampler Plexidrive  $199.97  Wampler Plexidrive Pedal
Wampler Brent Mason Hot Wired Overdrive  $275.97  Wampler Brent Mason
Wampler Johnny Hiland Bad Dog Overdrive Distortion  $189.00  This item has been discontinued and is no longer available from the manufacturer!
Wampler Buffer Pedal  $114.97  Wampler Buffer Pedal The Wampler Buffer Pedal
EWS Fuzzy Drive Pedal  $129.00  EWS Fuzzy Drive Pedal The Fuzzy Drive, from
Wampler Underdog Overdrive  $199.00  The Wampler Underdog Overdrive Pedal The Wampler Underdog Ov
Wampler Super Plextortion Distortion  $199.97  Wampler Super Plextortion Distortion Overdrive Pedal  T
Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion  $269.97  Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion The Triple Wreck hig
Hilton Universal Power Adapter Kit  $6.00  Hilton Electronics Universal Power Supply Adapter Kit The
CMATMods Deluxe Signa Comp Compressor  $160.00  CMAT Mods Deluxe Signa Comp The CMAT Mods Deluxe Signa Com
CMATMods Brownie Distortion Pedal  $135.00  CMAT Mods Brownie "Brown Sound" Distortion Overdrive&n
CMATMods Butah Overdrive Pedal  $135.00  CMAT Mods Butah Overdrive Pedal The CMAT Mods Butah ove
CMATMods Signa Drive Pedal  $135.00  CMAT Mods Signa Drive
CMATMods Waterbox Chorus-Vibrato Pedal  $225.00  CMAT Mods WaterBox Chorus
Barber Half Gainer Overdrive Pedal  $169.95  Barber Electronics Half Gainer Overdrive Pedal The Barber
Xotic EP Booster Pedal  $116.00  Xotic EP Booster The Xotic effects EP Booster pedal
GNI DD-1 Dual Drive Overdrive Pedal  $239.00  GNI Dual Drive Pedal The GNI Dual Drive overdrive /
GNI Xtreme Distortion XD-1 Pedal  $229.00  The GNI X-Treme Distortion pedal can perform from
GNI ASDC Analog Stereo Dual Chorus Pedal  $270.00  " GNI ASDC Analog Stereo Dual Chorus Pedal The GNI ASDC Analo
GNI FZD Multi Fuzz & Vintage Distortion Pedal  $229.00  GNI Multi Fuzz & Vintage Disortion Pedal The GNI
GNI Shred Pro SP-1 Distortion Pedal  $229.00  GNI Shred Pro SP-1 Distortion The GNI Shred Pro SP-1 distort
GNI Amp Simulator AS-1  $265.00  GNI AS-1 Amp Simulator Pedal The GNI Amp Simulator
Janglebox Silver Compressor  $179.00  Janglebox Silver Compressor Janglebox has worked exhaus
Lava Retro Coil 20ft S-S Guitar Cable  $64.95  Lava Retro Coil 20ft. Guitar Cable Using 99.999% OFC low str
Lava Clear Connect 12ft Guitar Cable S-S  $49.95  Lava Clear Connect 12ft Guitar Cable The L
Lava Clear Connect 15ft Guitar Cable S-S  $54.95   Lava Clear Connect 15ft Guitar Cable
Lava Blue Demon 12ft Guitar Cable  $29.95  Lava Blue Demon 12ft Guitar Cable
Lava Blue Demon 15ft Guitar Cable  $34.95   Lava Blue Demon 15ft Guitar Cable
Lava Magma 12ft Guitar Cable  $24.95  Lava Magma 12ft Guitar / Instrument Cable
Lava Magma 15ft Guitar Cable  $26.95   Lava Magma 15ft Guitar / In
Lava Vintage Tweed 15ft Guitar Cable  $51.95  Lava Vintage Tweed ELC Guitar Cable 15ft The Lava Vintage
Tech 21 Liverpool SansAmp Character Series  $169.00  Tech 21 Liverpool V2 Character Series The Tech 21 Sansamp
Tech 21 Blonde SansAmp Character Series  $149.00   Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series Blonde
Wampler Nirvana Chorus  $229.97  Wampler Nirvana Chorus The Wampler Nirvana Chorus Pedal b
Wampler Faux Tape Echo  $209.97  Wampler Faux Tape Echo The Wampler Fau
Wampler Faux Spring Reverb  $229.97  Wampler Faux Spring Reverb Pedal The Wampl
Voodoo Lab Control Switcher  $139.00  Voodoo Lab Control Switcher The Voo
Voodoo Lab ISO-5 Power Supply  $109.00  Pedal Power ISO-5 Power Supply The&
Goodrich Pedal Foot & Screw Set  $5.50  Goodrich Volume Pedal Rubber Foot Set Set includes&n
Peterson Strobostomp 2 Strobe Tuner  $199.00  Peterson Strobostomp 2 The Peterson StroboStomp 2 repla
Epiphone SoCal 412SL Cabinet  $299.00  Epiphone SoCal 412 Slant Cabinet Epiphone S
Planet Waves Humidity Control Kit Acoustic Guitar  $35.99  Humidity Control Kit for Acoustic Guitar The Planet Waves Hu
Planet Waves Small Instrument Humidifier  $10.20  " Planet Waves Small Instrument Humidifier The Small Instrument Humidifier is equipped with
Planet Waves Large Acoustic Instrument Humidifier  $11.40  Planet Waves Large Instrument Humidifier The Large Inst
Acoustic Guitar Humidifier  $9.60  Planet Wave GH Guitar Humidifier System The Pla
Planet Waves Pre-Treated Polishing Cloth  $3.99  Planet Waves Pre-Treated Instrument Polishing Cloth Planet W
Planet Waves Instrument Polish Cloth  $3.59  Planet Waves Instrument Polishing Cloth Planet Waves un-trea
EWS Guitar Polishing Cloth (Metal Parts)  $7.20  Guitar Parts Polishing Cloth (Metal Parts) The EWS Metal Par
EWS Guitar Polishing Cloth (Plastic Parts)  $7.20  Guitar Parts Polishing Cloth (Plastic Parts) The EWS Pl
Fender Instrument Care Kit  $22.50  Fender Instrument Care Kit by Meguiar's Fender's total
Goodrich Leg Clip  $16.00  Goodrich Leg Clip Attachment
Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe Ltd  $229.97  Wampler Pinnacle II Overdrive-Distortion Pedal Reissue
3 Monkeys Orangutan Head  $2,299.00   Orangutan 35W Amp Head - 3 Monkeys The 3 Monke
Way Huge Aqua Puss Analog Delay  $149.99  Way Huge Aqua-Puss Way Huge Aqua Puss analo
Way Huge Pork Loin Overdrive  $159.99  Way Huge Pork Loin The Way Huge Pork Loin Overdriv
Way Huge Fat Sandwich  $179.95  " Way Huge Fat Sandwich manual in pdf The VOLUME control produces tons of output, while
Way Huge Swollen Pickle Fuzz  $129.99  Way Huge Swollen Pickle MKII  The Way Huge Sw
Way Huge Angry Troll Linear Boost Amplifier  $119.99  Way Huge Angry Troll The Way Huge Angry Troll Line
Fulltone PlimSoul Distortion  $169.15  Fulltone PlimSoul The Fulltone PlimSoul Overdrive/
Xotic BB Preamp MB (Mid Boost) Overdrive  $196.00   BB-Preamp-with-Mid-Boost-Knob The Xotic Effect
Planet Waves Tru Strobe Pedal Tuner  $79.99  The Planet Waves Tru-Strobe Pedal Tuner is the perfect guitar tuner
The GigRig Midi 8 Guitar Effects Loop Switcher  $799.00  The GigRig Midi-8 Analog Guitar Effects loop Switcher  
George Dennis GD10 Stereo Volume  $184.00  George Dennis GD10 Optical Stereo Volume The George
George Dennis GD20 Volume  $178.00  George Dennis GD20 Optical Volume Pedal The George D
George Dennis King Bee Distortion  $195.00  George Dennis King Bee Distortion The George Dennis
Bogner Shiva Head  $2,299.00  Bogner Shiva 6L6 Head with Individual Channel Reverb
Xotic AC Comp Overdrive Distortion  $196.00   Xotic Effects Custom Shop AC-Comp Distortion / Overdrive Peda
Bogner Mojado Combo Amp  $1,349.00  Bogner Mojado 1X12" 18W Combo Amp The
LSL Saticoy Stratocaster (Liana)  $2,395.00  LSL Saticoy Stratocaster  Swamp Ash Body, Maple Neck
LSL T-Bone (Willow)  $2,145.00  LSL T-Bone Sugar Pine Body, Maple Neck (Willow)

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