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Home > Guitar Effects Pedals > Guitar Effects By Type > Treble Boosters > MI Audio Boost 'N' Buff Pedal
Product Categories: Treble Boosters  Guitar Effects By Type  MI Audio  Clean Boost  Guitar Effects By Manufacturer 

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MI Audio Boost 'N' Buff Pedal

MI Audio Boost 'N' Buff Pedal
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    MI Audio Boost 'N' Buff Booster Pedal

    Michael Ibrahim on the MI Audio Boost 'N' Buff: The circuit is a rather elegant design based around one ultra low noise transistor. By not utilizing a large number of active devices, I was able to keep the noise level of the booster down to an almost imperceptible level. This is a very important factor in applications where a booster is going to be used before a gain device, like a dirt pedal, or an overdrive channel of an amp.

    MI Audio Boost 'N' Buff Sound Samples

    Boost N Buff 1- used as a buffer
    Boost N Buff 2- Volume Boost
    Boost N Buff 3- Blues Boost

    Visit the MI Audio Boost N Buff sounds page to hear more audio samples and detailed descriptions of amps & guitars used.

    The way that the volume control on the Boost 'n' Buff works is also quite interesting. Most transistor based booster designs have a fixed gain, and the volume control simply limits the input or output volume.

    The Boost 'n' Buff works by actively varying the gain of the transistor itself. This has the advantage of both avoiding distortion and reducing the noise generated in the circuit. This design also frees up the normal gain limitations of a booster design. The Boost 'n' Buff has an amazing 35db of gain on tap. The design of the volume control is the key to this amazing gain range. One thing to note is that in varying the gain of the circuit with the volume control, some DC operating points also shift. This will be heard as 'pot noise'. But don't worry. That's the way it's meant to be.

    Treble Booster

    Once past the half way point, the mid and high frequencies start to climb faster than the low frequencies. At maximum gain, not only do you have an amazing amount of boost (approximately 35db), but the frequency response is perfectly tailored to driving a valve amp. It's literally like hot-rodding your amp with an extra tube stage. Also, with the 18V headroom, your sound will be 'cleaner' going into the amp, so that there's less colouring from the transistor.

    MI Audio Boost N Buff Features

  • Huge 35db Boost range.
  • Ultra quiet, Class A (single transistor) design.
  • Tri-function booster/buffer
    • In bypass mode, it's an ultra high input impedance buffer (5Meg!)
    • In the lower gain range, it's a flat booster (<15db)
    • In the upper range, it's a treble booster (>15db)
  • Huge headroom, with 18V (2*9V battery) internal power.
  • Heavy duty mechanical footswitch.
  • External DC Jack for power connection, up to 25V DC
      1. In bypass mode, it's an ultra high input impedance buffer.
      2. In the lower volume range, the frequency response is flat for use as a simple volume booster for solos.
      3. In the upper volume range, the Boost 'n' Buff becomes more like a treble booster for driving a valve amp into overdrive without getting loose and fuzzy.

      Other Features

      • LED status indicator

      • Mechanical switching for buffer/booster mode selection

      • Heavy duty die-cast aluminium enclosure, professionally powder coated and silk-screened

      • Large pointer knob for easy manipulation of the volume control

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