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Home > Guitar Effects Pedals > Guitar Effects By Type > Octave Fuzz > SIB! Nick Nitro
Product Categories: SIB  Fuzz Pedals  Octave Fuzz  Guitar Effects By Manufacturer 

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SIB! Nick Nitro

SIB! Nick Nitro
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    Code: SIB-Nick-Nitro-Fuzz-Pedal
    Price: $99.99
    The SIB! Nick Nitro is currently unavailable from the manufacturer.
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    SIB! Nick Nitro

    The Nick Nitro is two separate effects in one box. It is an octave fuzz and fuzz, each of which can be used together or separately.

    Plug your guitar, or whatever pedal you plan on using in front of the Nick Nitro, in here. (Phase shifters sound great here.)

    Plug this into your amp's input, or whatever you plan on using after the Nick Nitro. (Flange, chorus, reverb, and delay units sound great here.)

    The volume sets the amount of output. Fuzz sets the level of distortion. Try starting out with the fuzz at 3:00 and the volume at 12:00. Then turn the volume control down on your guitar (down to 3 or 4). You should get a clean sound, providing your amp is clean. This feature keeps you from being trapped behind your pedal board as you're able to control clean and dirty sounds from your guitar.

    The volume sets the output level of the Octave section. The tone control is a thin-o-fat knob (clockwise is fat; counterclockwise is thin.) Starting out with the volume at 10:00 and the tone up full, use the neck pick up on your guitar and play some single notes at the 12th fret. Once you get a feel for it, experiment with different settings and pick up combinations. Try using both octave and fuzz at the same time and use the volume on your guitar to get different tones.

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