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Home > Accessories > Amp & Guitar Effects loop Switchers > Little Lehle Switcher/Looper
Product Categories: Lehle Switchers  Amp & Guitar Effects loop Switchers  True-Bypass-Effects Loop Switchers  Lehle Guitar & Amp Switchers  Amp Selectors/Switchers 

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Little Lehle Switcher/Looper

Little Lehle Switcher/Looper
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    Little Lehle Looper/Switcher

    The Little Lehle is a genuine True-Bypass Looper/Switcher. It can be used to manage an effect-loop, or as a simple A/B box. Two instruments can be optionally routed to one amplifier input, or one instrument switched back and forth between two amplifiers. The gold-plated-contact switcher contained in the unit switches with maximum signal fidelity. The separate switching level for the ground contacts makes ground loops impossible. The Little Lehle offers full stereo functionality, with all jacks and internal switching contacts executed in stereo.

    Little Lehle Features

    1 - Input signal

    The input signal enters via this socket. Like all the jacks on the Little Lehle, the jack is of stereo type. The Little Lehle thus switches stereo signals (such as stereo effects or keyboards) and symmetrical signals (like those from microphones, for instance) and, of course, simple mono signals, like that of an electric guitar. The LED (6) shows green when the signal is present on the output (4) together with the ground (earth) connection. Press the trigger (7) and the stereo signal and ground connection are routed to the S jack (2). The LED (6) will now show red. Switching of the ground connections eliminates the possibility of hum loops.

    2 - Send

    The "S" stands for "Send". Depending on the mode selected, this jack is either connected to the input or inputs of one or more effect units, to a second amplifier or, for example, to a tuner.

    3 - Return

    "R" stands for "Return". This jack can be used for connection to the output of the effect unit(s) or, for example, can also be used for connection of a second instrument. It has no function if the Little Lehle is used as an A/B box for operation with two amplifiers.

    4 - Output

    The output signal is routed out of the Little Lehle via this socket. The LED (6) shows green when the input signal together with the ground connection is directly present here. Pressing the trigger (7) routes the R(eturn) jack signal (3) together with the ground connection to the output jack.

    5 - Power supply

    The Little Lehle requires an 8 to 20V power supply for operation of the LEDs. Polarity is of no importance. The supply voltage is internally rectified and stabilized in order to guarantee trouble-free operation. A thermal cut-out automatically trips and switches the unit off if a short-circuit occurs. A correctly fitting plug connector for the power-supply socket is supplied with the Little Lehle. This can be soldered to the required power unit if necessary.

    6 - LEDs behind a magnifying lens

    The high-intensity LEDs, which are located under a light guide system with an optical lens, clearly indicate the current switching state - even under bright spotlights.

    7 - Indestructible switching mechanism

    Two parallel slide switches with gold-plated contacts, which switch the stereo signal together with the ground connections, are actuated inside the switcher by means of a practically indestructible switching mechanism. The slide switches switch virtually silently, since they function completely bounce-free.

    8 - Solid box / easy to fix

    The base of the Little Lehle can be secured without difficulty. First remove the four housing screws for the cover, and then screw the base of the switch to a base-plate using the two Screws supplied with the unit, the washers and the spacer elements.

    Technical Data:

    Weight: 360 g

    Length: 9cm (3.5")

    Width: 9,2cm (3,6")

    Overall height: 5cm (2")

    Voltage: 8-20V DC or AC

    Current consumption: 20 mA

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