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Home > Guitar Effects Pedals > Guitar Effects By Type > Octave Fuzz > GNI FZD Multi Fuzz & Vintage Distortion Pedal
Product Categories: GNI Guitar Effects Pedals  Fuzz Pedals  Octave Fuzz  Overdrive & Distortion 

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GNI FZD Multi Fuzz & Vintage Distortion Pedal

GNI FZD Multi Fuzz & Vintage Distortion Pedal
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    Code: GNI-FZD-Fuzz-Distortion
    MSRP: $315
    Price: $265.00
    Temporarily out of Stock.
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    GNI Multi Fuzz & Vintage Disortion Pedal

    The GNI Multi Fuzz and Vintage Distortion FDZ is a very vintage pedal. It offers two effects, fuzz and distortion, and the possibility of combining them. There is also an octaver embedded with fuzz.

    GNI Vintage Distortion - It's a very simple and yet powerful distortion pedal. It combines high gain with soft tones. You can adjust distortion using the three upper knobs, and turn it on / off pressing the right footswitch.


    • TONE: Let's you adjust the amount of high tones in your sound.
    • DISTORTION: It's the effect's gain. Increase it to add distortion. At small settings combined with larger levels, makes the pedal act like a booster pedal.
    • LEVEL: Output level.

    GNI Multi Fuzz - Three lower controls are the fuzz. You turn it on / off pressing the left footswitch.


    • POWER: Effect's intensity. Actually, fuzz starts when set above half of the knobs's range. Below that, it's called "gain", and can be used to get small saturation. Use these low settings to achieve some overdrive-like or booster-like effects. It's normal to use Power at it's maximum setting to achieve full fuzz.
    • MOD: Let's you choose 3 modes for fuzz. First mode is a little softer. Secons mode is very aggressive. Third mode combines fuzz with an octaver
    • LEVEL: Output level.

    The Octaver - Fuzz's third mode adds an analog vintage octaver to the effect. It works best with lower tones (use your guitar's neck pickup). If you want to use the octaver without the fuzz, simply set power to a very low value, put it in third mode, and add level...

    Sound Samples Coming Soon!


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