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Home > Accessories > Tuners > Peterson Tuners > Peterson Tuner Accessories > Peterson TP-1 Tuner Pickup
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Peterson TP-1 Tuner Pickup

Peterson TP-1 Tuner Pickup
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    Peterson TP-1 Pickup

    Peterson has made great improvements to a handy inexpensive device for use with any tuner, but it has some special applications when used with a Peterson tuner. The TP-1 tuner pick up clips on any instrument and picks up the vibrations of the instrument rather than its acoustic sound. The instrument is totally isolated from any other sound in the room. This allows tuning at any time even during warm ups! The TP-1 differs from other products of this type in several ways. The large cylindrically shaped jaw allows you to clip it on the lead pipe or barrel of a flute or any round tubing on other horns. The jaw also has padded ends so that it clips on the bell of the horn of other instruments or various parts of a stringed instrument. The TP-1 has an 8 foot long (3 times the length of others) heavy duty chord that is so that students can comfortably clip it on and not have to worry about pulling the tuner down to the ground. The TP-1 is available from peterson or your local dealer. Be sure to specify the Peterson TP-1 to gain all its advantages.
    INTONATION TRAINING WITH THE AUTOSTROBE 590 and TP-1 Owners of the Model 590 know the virtues of its full strobe capabilities; a loud 5 octave audio output and a built in metronome; but there is one feature that is often overlooked. The 590 makes an excellent audio visual intonation training tool. Peterson audio-visual tuners have had this feature for many years. A student's instrument that is picked up by the microphone could be mixed with the standard tuning tone from the tuner into a set of headphones. It was possible to both hear the beats increase and decrease as the instrument is played closer to pitch and also see the strobe pattern drifting at a speed that correlates exactly to the distance from the desired pitch. The 590 adds the capability of Automatic Note Sensing and can track the note that the student is playing. If you use a TP-1 tuner pickup to pick up the signal from the instrument, the student does not even have to wear headphones. The student plays a note, the tuner immediately feeds back the correct pitch of the note and the student can then match this pitch by both observing the rolling strobe pattern and listening to the beats. This is also possible using any of the alternate temperaments that are built into the new strobe. (You can also program any key in any temperament.) The tuner tracks note-for-note with the student so you can assign any type of intonation exercise you like. Kids are fascinated by it because it's like a video game.

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