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WGS 10" Speakers WGS American Vintage Voiced Speakers

Warehouse Guitar Speakers
Is one of the very few guitar speaker manufacturers that is still building guitar speakers in the USA. With a guitar speaker to suit virtually every taste, Warehouse Guitar Speakers manufactures a high quality speaker at an affordable price. The Warehouse Guitar Speakers 12" BlackHawk is a speaker designed with an alnico magnet structure that is very similar to the Celestion Alnico Gold. The Veteren 12" 30 (Ceramic Magnet) is very similar in design to a Celestion Vintage 30. The Warehouse 12" 25W Green Beret is a nice replacement for a Celestion Greenback, and the Warehouse 12" ET65 is a nice drop in replacement for the Celestion G12-65. Now with the America voiced series, WGS has replicated the tones of many of the great american speaker manufacturers of yesteryear. The WGS G12C offers the classic Jensen C12N sound Warehouse Guitar speakers also offers 10" guitar speakers and some high power handling 15" bass speakers as well. Built in the USA with exceptional quality, we give Warehouse Guitar Speakers a "thumbs up"!

Warehouse Guitar Speakers

Warehouse WGS BlackHawk 12" 50W Alnico Guitar Speaker
Warehouse WGS Black & Blue 12" Alnico Guitar Speaker
Warehouse WGS BlackHawk HP 12" 100W Alnico Guitar Speaker

Warehouse WGS British Lead 12" 80W Guitar Speaker
Warehouse WGS ET65 12" 65W Guitar Speaker
Warehouse WGS RGM Goodsell 12" Guitar Speaker

Warehouse WGS Green Beret 25W 12" Guitar Speaker
Warehouse WGS Reaper 12" 30W Guitar Speaker
Warehouse WGS Reaper HP 12" 50W Guitar Speaker

Warehouse WGS Retro 30 12" Guitar Speaker
Warehouse WGS Veteran 30 12" Guitar Speaker
WGS Liberator 80 12"

WGS Invader 50 12"
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