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Celestion Guitar Speakers Eminence Guitar Speakers 

Warehouse Guitar Speakers Jensen Guitar Speakers

Celestion, Jensen, Eminence and Warehouse Guitar Speakers are the names recognized on the cutting edge of guitar loudspeaker technology today. If you're looking to replace an old OEM guitar speaker or if you're on that quest for the ultimate guitar tone, we've got the speaker tailored to fit just the tone you're looking for. Most of the guitar speakers on our site have a spec sheet listed, but if you're still not quite sure how those specs translate into tone, feel free to send us an email with any speaker replacement questions you may have.

Guitar Speakers

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Celestion G12 EVH Speaker
Celestion G10 Gold
Celestion G10 Greenback 10" Guitar Speaker

Celestion Classic Lead 12" Guitar Speaker
Celestion G10 Vintage 10" Guitar Speaker
Celestion G12-65 Heritage 12 Guitar Speaker

Celestion G12H Classic 12" Guitar Speaker
Celestion G12H Heritage 12" Guitar Speaker
Celestion G12K-100 12" Guitar Speaker

Celestion G12M Greenback 12" Guitar Speaker
Celestion G12T-100 12" Guitar Speaker
Celestion G12T-75 Classic Speaker

Celestion Rocket 50 Speaker
Celestion Seventy 80 12" Speaker
Celestion Tube 10 Speaker


With a hands on in-house speaker repair facility Tonetronix has the experience necessary to guide our customers in the right direction when choosing replacement or repair for both special application guitar or PA speakers.

If you have a vintage guitar amplifier and it's original speaker has seen its better days, we also offer expert in house speaker reconing services to restore your OEM vintage guitar amp speaker, Hi-Fi and PA speakers back to their original specifications. We also perform custom rebuilds based on the requirements specified by the customer. If you would like to send us a speaker in for reconing you can visit our speaker recone page to get some basic information such as recone pricing and warranty information. Also on this page you will find links to our speaker recone examples and to our speaker repair form which gives you all the necessary information needed to send your speaker in for repair.

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