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Fulltone Gold Standard Guitar Cables

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Fulltone Gold Standard GS6I-AA 6" Guitar Cable Interconnect
Fulltone GS8I-AA 8" Guitar Cable Effect Pedal Interconnect Patch Cable
Fulltone GSI-AA 12" Pedal Interconnect

Fulltone GS15-AS Guitar Cable
Fulltone GS15-SS Gold Standard Guitar Cable

Fulltone Gold Standard Guitar CablesFulltone Gold Standard Guitar Cables

"If it makes you feel better to spend $100 bucks+ on a my guest, but you're not getting a better sounding or a better lasting Cable than my Gold StandardTM."

Fulltone President Mike Fuller

Instrument Cables have a way of putting their own unique stamp on your sound and they do all sound just a little bit different from one another. Some have too much Highs, some not enough, while others have tremendous Bottom-end, at the same time sounding flat and lifeless! Fulltone's Gold Standardô low-capacitance cables with Gold-Plated ends keep the higher frequencies intact over longer lengths of cord without sounding shrill. Having said that, a cable that passes more Highs and Lows does not necessarily result in a cable that sounds best for guitar and bass applications, as evidenced by the many expensive cables you may have tried and rejected! I designed the Fulltone Gold Standardô specifically for guitarists and bassists, choosing all materials (oxygen-free copper, shield, etc.), construction methods, and plating for a sound not only strong in Lows and Highs, but also rich in the Mid frequencies where all the complex overtones lie, a crucial area often overlooked by other "premium" cables. Fulltone cables are also built to outlast you, and I'm confident enough in their construction to offer a "Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty." Translation: If it fails and it's our fault, you get a new one....on me....forever.

Guitar Player Magazine raved about it in their Dec 2005 writeup:

"The Gold Standard does sound bigger and, dare I say, fuller than the other cables I compared it to. It also seems louder (probably due to its ability to pass signal more easily), and even my cables that were considerably shorter didnít measure up to the Gold Standardís rich, meaty sound.."

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